Chibbyr y Chiarn (23) – Ballaugh/Slieau Curn


Chibbyr y Chiarn, Glen Dhoo, Ballaugh and/or Slieau Curn.  Lord’s Well.

Chibber y Chiarn, at the head of Glen Dhoo, Ballaugh. A native of the Glen, aged 84, recalls a custom of visiting this well on Old Midsummer Day, casting money into it, and “putting pieces of patchwork round it.”  The water was good for the eyes, and was dropped into the ears as a remedy for deafness and noises.  A charm was said, but my informant professed ignorance of its terms.


A Manx Scrapbook by W Walter Gill (1929)



A later reference from 1961 seems to place the well in a different location unless this is an additional well with the same name:

…Also on Slieau Curn is Chibbyr Chiarn, the Lord’s Well. On the first Sunday in August the villagers used to circle the well clockwise to be healing of their complaints; the time when the sun’s first rays struck the well was the most efficacious.


The Courier, 10 November, 1961 (article describes an excursion by members of the IOM Natural History & Antiquarian Society)


Possibly at the head of Glen Dhoo, Ballaugh and/or on Slieau Curn.


You can walk on Slieau Curn and at Glen Dhoo.  See this walking blog for details of a walk.

Details of one of the Warden’s Walks on Slieau Curn.


NLS OS 6″ Sheet VII Surveyed: 1869 Published: 1870

Newspaper article on imuseum, The Courier, 10 November, 1961


If you have any information on this well please contact me and quote well record number (23) as this will help identify which well you are referring too.