Fairy Well (40) – Lonan


The Fairy Well, Thalloo Holt, Slieu Rea(?), Lonan.

Two spring-wells fill two little pools about 30 yards apart on the West side of the green road going up to the croft. The resident fairy removed from one to the other on account of interference with her property in the course of some drain-cutting or road-mending. A man living till lately at Thalloo Holt relates that he was walking home up the lane one evening and a woman with a brown shawl over her head rose out of the lower pool and went before him into his house. He thought at first it was his sister who had been getting water, but found it was not so, and no one in the house could see the woman but himself. She then disappeared. He went to bed as usual in the loft above the parlour. In the night he saw what was like a yellow light shining on the wall, and when he came fully awake he saw it was the same woman who had been wearing the brown shawl, but now she was dressed all in yellow silk. She sang beautiful music to him for hours, and then she went away.

(text source: W Walter Gill, A Manx Scrapbook (1929)


Thalloo Holt, Slieu Rea(?), Lonan.  Exact location unknown.


Location unknown.


NLS OS 6″ Sheet VIII Surveyed: 1867 to 1869 Published: 1870


If you have any information on this well please contact me and quote well record number (40) as this will help identify which well you are referring too.