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Well (238) – Onchan

Information Well, visible from Governor’s Road, Onchan.  Likely a domestic well.  Stone construction, looks in good condition from limited observation. The well is not indicated on either the 6″ or […]

Well (236) – Ronague

Information Well, Ronague. A stone built well that is covered over and sadly, appears to have been the site of a tragedy. There is a cross on the top and […]

Well (231) – Cregneash

Information Well, Cregneash village. Walking down from Ned Beg’s cottage into the village, continue towards the tea rooms at Creg-y-Shee and the well is in an open grassed area on […]

Well (230) – Cregneash

Information Well, Cregneash village. The well is accessed from the road, just past Harry Kelly’s cottage.  It is on the left-hand side and lies at the end of a stone-walled […]

Fountain (224) – Peel

Information Public Fountain, The Promenade, Peel. The fountain is marked as such on the OS of 1868/69.  It is not known if this was originally a shoreside spring or if […]

Chibbyr Sanctan (107) – Santon

Information Chibbyr Sanctan, Santon.  St Sanctan’s Well. The well was found in 2018.  It is not the well in the wall south of the church at the neighbouring house, but […]

Orryside Well (216) – Colby

Information Orryside Well, Main Road, Colby. This well in Colby was discovered when digging foundations and the original pump mechanism was found nearby. As you can see, the pump and […]

Well (215) – Castletown

Information Well, Castletown. Lovely discovery in Castletown the past few days! An uncharted stone-lined well has been exposed during some works. The location will be revealed in due course but […]

Yeaman’s Well (150) – Peel

Information Yeaman’s Well, Peel.   Opposite the east end of Stanley Road, Peel.  It is referred to as Yeoman’s Well in Corris’s plan of Peel, 1784. “I’ve seen sthrings of […]

Chibbyr Vaarley (211) – Andreas

Information Chibber Vaarley, on Ballakelly, Andreas.  Well of the Robbers. Heard locally.  W Walter Gill suggests Varlee was probably the nickname of a family which used the well. Reference The […]

Yon’s Well (152) – Port Erin

Information Yon’s Well, Port Erin.  John’s Well. Per Roeder, the well is named after one John Maddrell. Reference W Walter Gill, A Manx Scrapbook, 1929 Location South of the Darragh and […]

Hanover St/Lord St (210) – Douglas

Information Brick-lined well Hanover Street/Lord Street, Douglas. Possibly an 18th century well.  Mr J. C. Bregazzi, Borough Surveyor, recorded the discovery of a brick-lined well in March 1953 in the […]

Chibbyr Aspick (208) – Peel

Information Chibbyr Aspick, Peel Castle, Peel.  Bishop’s Well. Improvements lately made at Peel Castle, furnished by an esteemed correspondent who takes a loving interest in the work of its preservation. […]

Chibbyr Vael (118) – Michael

Information Chibbyr Vael, Kirk Michael.  St Michae’s Well. Situated in the angle formed by the junction of the Awin Dhoo with the Sulby river, near Druidale farm, Michael. Reference 1) […]

Dub ny Merroo (131) – Bride

Information Dub ny Merroo (aka Dub ny Marroo), Bride.  Pool of the Dead. Bayr ny Merroo, ‘Road of the Dead,’ passes from the neighbourhood of Shellack Point to Keeill Vreeshey, […]

Spooyt Phaddy (124) – Lonan

Information Spooyt Phaddy (or Fhaddy), Lonan.  Paddy’s Spout. Dated April, 1925, the following, by Rev Canon Quine, is an extract from a report on an archaeological excavation at a tumulus […]

Castletown Pump (200) – Malew

Information This sketch is by John Flower (artist of Leicester) 1793-1861, ‘Castletown, Isle of Man, N.D.’ No other information is known. Click on the photograph to see it full size. […]

Village Pump (201) – Andreas

Information There is a photograph on the imuseum dated 1935 titled Andreas village pump and School House. There is also the following text:  The village pump was removed by the […]

Ballacross Well (7) – Arbory

Information Ballacross Well, Arbory.  Ballacross is the name of a farm which took its name from the siting of a cross. On the estate of Ballabeg, in the parish of […]

Chibbyr Pherick (95) – Lonan

Information Chibber Pherick, on Lhergey Grawe, East side of Glen Roy, Lonan.  (St) Patrick’s Well. Manx folklore is full of tales of fairies, brownies, and phynodderrees, and the influence these […]

Chibbyr Drine (38) – Malew

Information Chibbyr Drine, Malew.  Thorn Tree Well. A spring of fresh water about half a mile North of Langness farmhouse, Malew, on the margin of high-water mark. Its name suggests […]

Chibbyr Unjin (130) – Malew

Information Chibbyr Unjin (Ash Tree Well) or Chibbyr Undin (Foundation Well), Grenaby, Malew.  It is usually referred to as Chibbyr Unjin. It will be of service if I put on […]

Ballakinnag Well (187) – Ballaugh

Information Ballakinnag Well, Ballaugh. There is a catalogue entry on the imuseum which states Notes on stepped well at Ballakinnag Farm, Ballaugh, collected by M. Quilliam and C. Quilliam. Date(s): […]