Chibbyr Feeayr (42) – Malew


Chibbyr Feeayr, Cronkbreck, Grenaby, Malew.  Cold Well.

It stands by the side of the lane leading to the deserted farmhouse, and was roofed and walled in solid masonry by Preston of Cronkbreck (alias Knockbreck) about sixty years ago. Though it is not reputed to possess medicinal or magical virtues, a Green Lady has been seen in its immediate vicinity within the last few years; this I had from the person who saw her, and of whose belief in the vision I have no doubt whatever. She may perhaps have belonged not to the well, or not to the well only, but the river just below, and have been a sister of the Green Woman who haunted the fords of the Conan in Ross-shire, in Hugh Miller’s My Schools and Schoolmasters, and of many other river-ladies, Celtic and Teutonic, who wear the fairy colour.

It was the same pious man, Preston, who placed the Old Slate, a well-known flag-bridge, across the tributary stream near-by, where it still performs its useful function.

(text source: W Walter Gill, A Manx Scrapbook (1929)


Cronkbreck, Grenaby, Malew.

Grid reference: SC26828 72358

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There is public access to the well but it is on private farmland so please be mindful of this as animals may be in the fields as you walk through.  A public footpath passes right in front of the well and the old farmhouse (tholtan).  Below are directions.

  1. Park close to Grenaby Bridge.
  2. There is a Public Footpath sign, go through the gate and walk to the end of the clearing to a stile. At the moment (July) there are high nettles.
  3. Go over the stile and cross the field to No.5 for a direct route. Cattle come and go in this field so please be aware. Thistles were high but it’s easy enough to walk through.
  4. You can detour here to see the beautiful little weir. A thorn tree overhangs the entrance down. It is a charming, secluded place.
  5. Go over another stile and immediately in front is a bridge to cross if you prefer not to go through the ford. The other side is a bit muddy underfoot.
  6. The well is located approximately here.
  7. A little way up the lane is the Tholtan.

It is an easy walk and from leaving your vehicle, you can be at the well in a few minutes though it is tempting to stay at the weir for a while.


NLS OS 6″ Sheet XVI Surveyed: 1868 Published: 1870

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If you have any information on this well please contact me and quote well record number (42) as this will help identify which well you are referring too.



Chibbyr Feeayr