Chibbyr Vreeshey (186) – Marown


Chibbyr Vreeshey, Marown.  (St) Bridget’s Well

“There was mention of a well, Chibbyr Vreeshey, in the field below, that had an association with the keeill and until the twentieth century used to draw people from all over the Island on account of its healing properties.  I found this information from a newspaper article in the Isle of Man Times from 1937 about a visit to the keeill by an antiquarian society ( but I haven’t been able to find any further information on it and it seems doubtful that it still exists.”

(text source:, article on visit to Keeill Vreeshey in 2016)


Near Keeill Vreeshey, Eyreton, Marown.

Grid reference: unknown.  It may be one of two wells shown on the OS map in the NLS link below but no evidence to corroborate this.


No access to the well as its location is unknown.  The keeill is accessible but please follow the guidelines per the


NLS OS 6″ Sheet X Surveyed: 1867 to 1868 Published: 1870


If you have any information on this well please contact me and quote well record number (186) as this will help identify which well you are referring too.