List of Isle of Man Wells

A Collection of Named and Unnamed Wells from Various Written and Oral Sources

Below is the current list of wells which continues to have records added to it. Records are not in alphabetical order and inclusions are/will be from various sources e.g. W Walter Gill’s list and references in his three Manx Scrapbooks (1929, 1932 and 1962); Cyril Paton’s Manx Calendar Customs (1946), the Manx Archaeological Survey Reports, Manx Folk-life Survey, IOMPRO, miscellaneous publications, oral information etc.

Most wells will eventually have an individual record and to access a record, please click on the well name if it has a link. A record will attempt to provide the following:

  • information about the well – sourced from books, documents, oral tradition or following a site visit
  • a well’s location and access – if a well’s location is known and it has public access this will be provided. If the well is on private land, its location may be withheld at the landowner’s request. A record will clearly state whether access is available or not
  • a well category/categories – e.g. if it was recorded as a fairy well, healing well, holy well, wine well, domestic well, flax well, wishing well etc
  • photographs/video/artwork – if available
  • links – to further information

A further 50+ records are still to be added to this list as at 3/3/21.

~ Ber Weyde

Ref. No.Well Name (if known)Location (if known)SourceComment
1Chibber AirOn Croit ny Howe, Clay Head, LonanGill 1929Per Gill – Usually translated as ‘Gold Well’
2Chibbyr yn ArgidPatrickGill 1929Per Gill – Well of the Silver
3Chibber yn ArraghBallaragh, LonanGill 1929Per Gill – Well of the good ploughland. Two roadside wells of this name
4AuleaughKirk MichaelGill 1929See Bishop’s Well
5Ballachrink WellConchanGill 1929
6Chibbyr BallacreleRowanyGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – now filled in. Aka Ballakneale Well, an old quarterland name. Was near the site of a keeill.
Per Paton – alternative spelling, ‘Ballacreale’.
7Ballacross WellBallacross, ArboryGill 1929Per Gill – Still used by Arbory Church in 1916. The well stood by a cross where all christenings used to be made.
8Ballig WellConchanGill 1929Believed to ebb and flow in sympathy with the tide.
9Chibbyr BarraharstalHarstal, PatrickGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – Used exclusively by fishermen due to location
10Chibber BaltaneNE of Bradda MooarGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – Also recorded as Chibber Valthane, Voltane, Oltane, Beltaine or Ny Tain. Meaning of name not provided.
Per Paton – This is a sacred well.
Per IOM Wells – Rediscovered 2020. Recorded as a rag well (healing), fairy well and possibly a holy well.
11Chibbyr y BetBallaragh, LonanGill 1929Named for Betty Caley living nearby
12Betty’s WellSeafield, SantonGill 1929Seafield is now known as Arragon house. Per Gill – the well is named after Betty Kneale. Visited by fishermen to secure luck.
13Big Well (the)Big Well St, DouglasGill 1929Following Lord Street and Shaws Brow redevelopment, the well no longer exists. Photograph of it on imuseum.
14Chibbyr Billy DeeCregneish, RushenGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – D-shaped well. Best water in the village. Continued to be largely patronised in the first quarter of the 20th century.
15Bishop’s Well (the)Bishop’s Glen, MichaelGill 1929
16Chibbyr BobCregneish, RushenGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – the usual domestic kind
17Chibbyr BoghtynGill 1929Per Gill – Pauper’s Well
18Brandy Well (the)Near junction of Baldwin & LaxeyGill 1929Per Gill – aka Chibbyr Slieau Maggle
19Brewhouse Well (the)CastletownGill 1929Per Gill – mentioned in an extract from the Will of Cath. Halsall, dated 23 Aug 1758
20Chibbyr BrottIn the Doctor’s Wood, Glen Aldyn, LezayreGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – Its water was used for bathing the eyes and other parts of the body. ‘Befouled Well’? -broighit. Otherwise ‘Broth Well’.
Per Paton – who states this is known to be a sacred well.
21Chibbyr CatreeneyOn the shore, Port ErinGill 1929; Paton 1942(St) Catherine’s Well
22Chibbyr CatreeneyBell Abbey, ArboryGill 1929; Paton 1942(St) Catherine’s Well. Per Gill – Catherine’s or Colby Fair used to be held here on 25 Nov (OC), later 6 Dec.
23Chibbyr y ChiarnAt the head of Glen Dhoo, Ballaugh and/or on Slieau CurnGill 1929; imuseumLord’s Well
24Chibbyr y ChiarnSE corner of field called Magher y ChiarnGill 1929
25Ny ChibberynCronk ny Chibberagh, Ballachrink, PatrickGill 1929Per Gill – ‘The Wells’. Roadside stream-fed basins.
26Chibbyr y Chree Baney aka Chibbyr Cree-BaneIn the mountains south of BallaughGill 1929Per Gill – Mentioned in the Revd W Kermode’s MS Account of the parish.
27Chibbyr y ChrinkIn Garey y Cleragh, MaugholdGill 1929
28Christian’s WellPeelGill 1929Per Gill – the surname ‘Christian’.
29Chibber ny ClaraOn Baare ny Clara, Cornaa Mill, MaugholdGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Well of the Plank Bridge’.
30Chibbyr Coan y ChleiyRises in Coan y Chleiy, Corvalley, RushenGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘Well of the valley of the hedge’.
Photographs submitted by Katie Newton.
31Chibbyr ny CraueA mountain wellGill 1929Per Gill – Visited every first Sunay in August. He does not specify location.
32Chibbyr ny CregBallelby, PatrickGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘Well of the Rock’.
33Crogga WellCrogga, SantonGill 1929Formerly a ‘Fairy Well’. Now partly drained and damaged as a thing of beauty.
34Chibbyr Cronk EspartShenvalley, RushenGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Evening-hill Well’.
35Chibbyr Cronk Quinney or ChonneyOn the west side of Perwick, RushenGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘Gorse hill well’ or ‘Quinney’s hill well’.
36Chibbyr Crosslan or CrashlanCregneish, RushenGill 1929
37Chibbyr DoneanBaldrine, LaxeyGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘Donncadh’s (Duncan’s) Well’.
Per Paton – ‘Donkan’.
38Chibbyr DrineNorth of Langness farmhouse, MalewGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘Thorn Tree Well’.
39Farrane Fing (the)At Braid Farrane Fing, Slieau Ruy, LonanGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Clear Spring’.
40Fairy Well, (the)Thalloo Holt, Slieau Rea(?), LonanGill 1929Two spring-wells fill two little pools. Fairy story associated with this.
41Fairy Well, (the)At the Fairy bridge and ford neat Oakhill, BraddanGill 1929
42Chibbyr FeeayrCronkbreck, Grenaby, MalewGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘Cold Well’.
Per IOM Wells – Visited in 2019. Accessible to public and still in very good condition.
43Chibbyr FeeyneyOn Lheeaney Fheeyney, Ballacree, BrideGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – Possibly ‘wine well’ but ‘leeyney’ occurs in other Manx place-names and the meaning is not always clear.
44Chibbyr FeeyneySomewhere on the north side of the glen, Glen Roy, LonanGill 1929; Paton 1942
45Chibbyr ny FerrishynIn Close ny Ferrishyn, Gob y Volley, LezayreGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘Well of the Fairies’.
46Chibbyr Folta/VoltaStood close to the old lighthouse at the north end of the beach, Port ErinGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – aka Chibbyr Volta. Now covered and piped.
47Chibbyr ny GabbylAbout 300 yards NE of Meayll Circle, RushenGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘Well of the horse (or horses)’. The Fairies had an exhibition at this well.
48Chibbyr ny Garey DhooCregneish, RushenGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Well of the dark wasteland’.
49Chibbyr y GeayeeAbove Gob y Volley, LezayreGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Well of the wind’.
50Geill (the)At the Rule, Sulby, LezayreGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Geill’ = spring.
51Chibbyr y GeillRhenab, MaugholdGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Well of the spring’. A bubbling well.
52Chibbyr ny GhlionGlen Down, near Port ErinGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Well of the Glen’. Once a picturesque draw-well, but recently destroyed by the tenant.
53Glencrutchery WellConchanGill 1929Per Gill – there is a resident supernatural protector, the Old Man of Glencrutchery. A Fairy Well.
54Chibbyr Ghlion ny CainSpaldrick, near Port ErinGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘Cain’s-glen well’ or possibly ‘Sea-glen well.’ A domestic well.
55Chibbyr GorranBetween Agneash and Croit ny Claghbane, LonanGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – The Gaelic ‘garran’ means a thicket or shrubbery but there is nothing of the kind there now. A likelier explanation is the Manx ‘garron’ a pony.
Per Paton – this is listed as a sacred well.
56Chibbyr HarreeLezayreGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill -‘Harry’s Well’ or ‘Colts’ Well; sharree.
Per Paton – listed as ‘Harres’.
57Henry Kermode’s WellWest of Spaldrick Glen, near Port ErinGill 1929
58Chibbyr HideeIn the courtyard of Castle RushenGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘Tide well’. Like Ballig Well, Conchan, it is said to rise and fall with the tide.
59Chibbyr y HimmaBallafesson, RushenGill 1929‘Well of the ridge’. One of the numerous wells which ‘never run dry’.
60Howe WellOn the north side of the high road from Cregneish to CorvalleyGill 1929The chief source of water for the neighbourhood
61Chibbyr InchWestward of Sulby Glen, between it and Ballaugh Glen, LezayreGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – Purports to be a sacred well.
Per Paton – Listed as a sacred well.
62John Caley’s WellBallacaley, LezayreGill 1929Per Gill – A ‘John Caley of the Well’ is buried in Lexayre Churchyard in 1765.
63John Caley’s WellCronk y Chuill, LonanGill 1929
64Julia Morgan’s WellBetween the two Renshents on the Foxdale Road, Marown Gill 1929Per Gill – Julia was the wife of an Irishman who lived in a cottage close by.
65Kinley’s WellPeelGill 1929 Per Gill – The surname.
66Chibber Kione SpaineySpanish Head, RushenGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘Spanish Head well’.
67Lady’s WellAt the top of Chapel Bay, Port St MaryGill 1929Per Gill – The ‘Lady’ in question is the Virgin Mary after whom the vanished chapel, once adjacent, and the present Port, were named.
68Chibber Laish (or Lace)Ballaugh CurraghGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘Cure well’; ‘lheihys’.
Per Paton – who lists this as a sacred well.
69Chibbyr LanshOn the high ground west of Sulby Glen, LezayreGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – It is mentioned in ‘Feltham’s Tour (1798).
Per Paton – who lists this as a sacred well.
70Chibbyr LeakyBradda, RushenGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘Falling water well’; ‘lhieggey’.
71Chibbyr LieenThe Mull, RushenGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘Flax Well’.
72Chibber LhiondaigThe Mull, RushenGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Lhiondaig’ an even, grassy plot in a valley. This well is near Chibber Cronk Espart.
73Chibber ny LhargaghSouth of the Sloc, RushenGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘Well of the slope’.
74Lord Henry’s WellOn Laxey beach, about 1/4 mile SW of the harbourGill 1929Per Gill – Named after Lord Henry Murray, son of the Duke of Atholl.
75 Chibber y LurchanOn Balladhoo, NW of the Liverpool ArmsGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Well of the hillside’.
76Chibber Lieh-Laa aka Chibber Mun Laa aka Chibbyr MalaaAt Cardle Veg, MaugholdGill 1929; Paton 1942 Per Gill – ‘Half-day well’ or ‘Mid-day well’. Near the ancient keeill and burial ground.
77 Chibber MaghalMaugholdGill 1929; Paton 1942‘Maughold’s Well’. See St Maughold’s Well (ref. 117)
78Chibbyr MappyAt the side of the road going down to the Sound, RushenGill 1929; Paton 1942 Per Gill – ‘Mappy’ (Martha) was the name of an old woman who lived near and used the well.
79 Moir ny HushtaghynGlen RushenGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Mother of the Waters’. Unsure if this is a genuine Manx expression or was coined by Manx translators of the bible.
80Chibbyr MooarIn one of the Glebe fields, Maughold villageGill 1929; Paton 1942‘Big Well’
81Chibbyr MoragOn Rhenab, MaugholdGill 1929; Paton 1942
82Chibber NaimeyIn the upper part of Surby Moor, RushenGill 1929; Paton 1942
83 Chibber Nalla (or Nulla) A roadside well in Ballarragh village, LonanGill 1929; Paton 1942
84Nan Willy’s Well Between the Chapel and the old Schoolhouse, Upper Sulby GlenGill 1929
85 Nancy’s WellOn the Magher Nancy, just below the south side of the high road, Bradda Mooar, RushenGill 1929Per Gill – It is now disused and consequently in a neglected state.
86Chibber Neddy Hom RuyCregneish, RushenGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘Red Neddy Tom’s Well’.
87Chibber NellIn a field called the C’nell(?), Ballarragh, LonanGill 1929‘Nell’s Well’.
88Chibber NerrishBy the haunted ford and footbridge on the Silverburn below the Whallag, MalewGill 1929Per Gill – (Possibly) ‘Well of the Fairy’ (ferrish). But perhaps a remoter etymon, such as ‘feeayr-ushtey’ (cold water), or the Gaelic ‘fior-uisge’ (fresh water), would be preferable.
89 Chibber NiglusBraddanGill 1929‘(St) Nicholas’ Well’.
90 Chibber NiglusOn the shore below Cabbal Niglus, LaxeyGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘(St) Nicholas’ Well’. Having been desecrated by bloodshed, was filled up many years ago.”-(Mx. Archl. Survey Report, 1915.) Story wanted. The well was in use up to 1887, if not later.
Per Paton – this is listed as a sacred well.
91Chibbyr NinkBallaragh village, LonanGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – A roadside well; it lies at the foot of land called ‘The Carnanes’, traditionally a battle-field.
92Nunnery Well (the)The Nunnery, DouglasGill 1929See Chibber Vreeshey (144).
93Chibbyr Ooinney or Chibbyr UneyBaldwinGill 1929Per Gill – Dedicated to St Ronan.
94 Chibbyr PherickOn Slieau Curn, BallaughGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘(St) Patrick’s Well’.
95Chibbyr PherickOn Lhergey Grawe, east side of Glen Roy, LonanGill 1929; Juan Othigill 1910Per Othigill – a wishing well.
96 Chibbyr PherickUnder Corrin’s Hill, PatrickGill 1929Per IOM Wells – the well still exists.
97 Chibbyr PherickAbout 250 yards west of St Patrick’s Chapel, JurbyGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘(St) Patrick’s Well’. Now filled in and drained.
Per Paton – this is listed as a sacred well.
98 Philowe’s WellGill 1929See Bishop’s Well (the)
99 Pooyl HoodEast end of CregneishGill 1929 Per Gill – Formed by a spring and reserved with its trough, for the use of animals
100Chibber Pooyl SallaghOn the NE slope of Cronk ny Irree Lhaa, Patrick Gill 1929; Paton 1942Per IOM Wells – The name looks like ‘Well of the pool of the willow’ but per Gill he states it is ‘Muddy-pool well’.
101 Chibber ny Pot Between the Howe and Struan-snail, Port Erin Gill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – The well is said to be named from a pot with which it was furnished but more probably from its boggy site; ‘pot’ means soft ground.
102Chibber y PunchOn the Injebreck turf-grounds, LezayreGill 1929Per Gill – Perhaps a corruption of ‘Chibber y Phun’, ‘Well of the Sheepfold or Pound’.
103Chibber ny QueigIn the glen of the Killey, above Churchtown, LezayreGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘Well of the Five’. The true form of the name may have had some other application that is now forgotten.
Per Paton – this is listed as a sacred well.
104The Rag WellNear the top of Surby Mooar, RushenGill 1929Per Gill – It must once have been a sacred well. It is also called the ‘Fairy Well’.
105 The Rhyne WellAt the chapel site and ancient burial ground, the Rhyne, MarownGill 1929Per Gill – Another case of a lost name and probably former sanctuary.
106Chibber Rollin or OllinMoore, Manx Names (1890)
107 Chibber Sanctain Close to Santon ChurchGill 1929; Train 1798 Per IOM Wells – Rediscovered 2018.
108St Mary’s Well Jurby. About 170 yards south of the parish churchGill 1929
109 Chibber WoirreyAt the west side of Ballaugh Old Church, near the rectory.Gill 1929Per Gill – ‘Mary’s Well’ i.e. the Virgin Mary to whom the church is dedicated.
110 Chibber WoirreyBallakoig, BallaughGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Mary’s Well’. A fresh-water spring in the neighbourhood of low-water mark on the Ballakoig shore exposed only at neap tides.
111 Chibber WoirreyBallafayle, MaugholdGill 1929 ‘Mary’s Well’
112 Chibber WoirreyAbout 200 yards west of Ballastole house, MaugholdGill 1929 ‘Mary’s Well’
113 Chibber Woirrey A little east of of Magher Breck House, MaugholdGill 1929 ‘Mary’s Well’
114 Chibber WoirreyAbout 300 yards west of the parsonage, RamseyGill 1929 ‘Mary’s Well’
115 Chibber WoirreyOn the site of Messrs Corlett & Cowley’s Mills, South Ramsey (per Gill)Gill 1929 ‘Mary’s Well’
116 Chibber y WirraAt the top of Close Clarke, MalewGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Mary’s Well’. Contributes a trickle to the still slender Awin Ruy.
117 St Maughold’s WellOn the north face of Maughold HeadGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Paton – this is listed as a sacred well.
118Chibbyr VaelNear the Carn Vael (?) (Michael’s Cairn), MichaelGill 1929(St) ‘Michael’s Well’
119 Chibber VaelNear the ruins of Keeill Vael (St Michael’s Chapel), SantonGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Michael’s Well’. This well is not on Gills’ well list but is found in the section on old roads and road lore.
120Chibbyr Pherick aka the Big WellAbove the railway station, PeelGill 1929Per Gill – Closed and built over about half a century ago.
121Chibber Roney aka Chibbyr Oney MarownGill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – who states this well is dedicated to St Ronan.
122Trinity WellKirk Christ, RushenGill 1929; Feltham 1798Per Feltham – ‘Near the church…’.
Per Gill – ‘It is now undiscoverable and probably non-existent.
123 Chibber ScooieBallamilghyn, LonanGill 1929 from Lord’s Composition BookPer Gill – ‘Continuing/Unfailing Well’. Domestic well, still in use in 1929.
124Spooyt Phaddy or FhaddyLhergy Grawe, LonanGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Paddy’s Spout’. About 50 yards below Chibber Pherick (St Patrick’s Well).
125 Spooyt WoodberIssues from the cliff beside the fine old house, once the chief inn of Port ErinGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Woodworth’s Spout’.
126Chibber StrungCregneish, RushenGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Nose’, the nicknamme of a man who lived near it.
127Towl DickLezayreGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Dick’s hole’
128Towl ny BetBradda Mooar, RushenGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Bet’s Well’. Not striclty a well but formerly used as such.
129 Towl MeeneyBraddaGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Mine-hole’
130Chibbyr UnjinNear a nameless keeill site in
Grenaby, Malew
Gill 1929; Paton 1942Per Gill – ‘Ash tree well’ though he also queries the name ‘Foundation Well’.
Per Paton – who states this is known to be a sacred well.
Per IOM Wells – very important well and much visited over centuries for its healing properties. Destroyed by tenant farmer 1899.
131Dub ny MerrooOn Bayr ny Merro (Road of the Dead), BrideGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Pool of the Dead’. Customary route for funerals.
132Chibber VainnaghMoore, Manx Names (1890)Per Gill – No location provided. It may be the same well as Chibber y Varnagh below.
133Chibber y VarnaghIn the gill, Glen Aldyn, LezayreGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Well of the wart’. Used to cure warts, hence the name.
134The Wart WellStockfield, GermanGill 1929Per Gill – Used to cure warts, hence the name.
135Chibber y VarkishBallacottier, BrideGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Mark’s Well’. 50 yards NW of Keeill Varkish. Now filled in and drained.
136Chibber y VarkishGill 1929BMW – check entry
137Chibber VashteeOn the narrow mountain track from Eairy Cushlan to Lag ny Keeilley, Patrick. About 100 yards north of the keeillGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Baptism Well’
138Chibber VashteeThe Barony, Maughold, a quarter of a mile NNE of Keeill VaelGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Baptism Well’. A recent visit reveals the regrettable fact that it has now been filled in.
139Loughan Keeill VaelAdjacent to Keeill Vael, MaugholdGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Christening Well’
Chibber VearAt the top of Glion ny Veay on the Southern slope of South BarruleGill 1929Per Gill – Possibly ‘Road Well’.
141Chibber VentenPort Erin. On the Glendown Road to Port St MaryGill 1929
142Chibber VondyGill 1929BMW check Chibbyr Unjin (130)
143Chibber VreesheyOn the western margin of Lough Cranstal, BrideGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Bridget’s Well’.
144Chibber VreesheyNear the Obelisk in the Nunnery grounds, DouglasGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Bridget’s Well’.
145Chibber y VruehSE of Spaldrick Glen, Port ErinGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Well of the Bank’.
146Chibber y VullA roadside well at Ballakillowey, RushenGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Well of the Bull’.
147Wishing Well (the)Silverdale, MalewGill 1929Per Gill – A pretty little well by the Silverburn now turned into an ‘attraction’.
148Pooylvaash SpringPooylvaash, MalewGill 1929Per Gill – A fresh-water spring on the shore at Pooylvaash. This spring is similar to Chibber y Wirra at Close Clarke, Malew (see ref.116).
149Chibber WushellOn the highest point of the Calf, close to Thie Vushell (Bushell’s House)Gill 1929
150Yeoman’s WellOpposite the top of Stanley Road, PeelGill 1929; IOMPRO map of Peel 1848
151Chibber y YettBetween Cregneish and Corvalley, RushenGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Well of the Road’.
152Yon’s WellNear the Darragh, Port ErinGill 1929Per Gill – ‘John’s Well’.
153Chibber Yoan Mooir or Joan MereUnder the Chasms, RushenGill 1929Per Gill – On the shore near the sea
154SpringSouth BarruleGill 1929Per Gill – It can only be found once in a lifetime and is reported to have marvellous health-giving properties
155WellIt is in a streamlet at the lower corner of the Glebe, Old Lonan ChurchGill 1929Per Gill – It’s name is no longer known but perhaps ‘Chibber Vashtee’ or ‘Chibber Ownan’. The ‘well’ is actually formed in the bed of a streamlet by three large blocks of stone set on edge…’.
156SpringKerroodhoo, DalbyGill 1929
157WellBetween Cregneish and the HoweGill 1929, who mentions it from Roeder’s MSRoeder states there are two wells, ‘one each side of the higheway less than 20 yards apart…they flow in opposite directions…’
158WellBetween Cregneish and the HoweGill 1929, who mentions it from Roeder’s MSRoeder states there are two wells, ‘one each side of the higheway less than 20 yards apart…they flow in opposite directions…’
159Spa WellBallabrooie, BraddanGill 1929, Feltham 1798Per Feltham, ‘…because of the inconvenience arising from the resort of company, it was blocked up’.
160SpringAbove the Crossage Bridge, BallasallaGill 1929Per Gill – Scarcely more than a spider’s thread, it has the power of granting a wish…’
161WellDreem Crammag, LezayreGill 1929Per Gill – Acts as a barometer
162WellDreemlang, MarownGill 1929, Brown’s Guide to the IOM 1887Gill has never seen ‘this prodigy of a well’ and found no evidence of its existence. It is reported to be built entirely of great blocks of quartz, some several tons in weight
163WellThe Lhergy, above Laxey villageGill 1929Per Gill – ‘Buried alive’ a generation ago and it was concealed so well that when the villagers had need of it at a later date, they couldn’t find it despite much digging
164WellBy a little stream, Baljean, LaxeyGill 1929Per Gill – A ‘Wishing Well’
165Chibbyr AsbyrtCregneishPaton 1942Paton provides no other information
166BannaghtLezayrePaton 1942Per Paton – ‘Blessed Well’.
167Chibbyr ChiggyrtMaugholdPaton 1942Paton provides no other information.
Per IOM Wells – there is a keeill in Maughold called Keeill Chiggyrt.
168Chibbyr CladdaghBallaughPaton 1942Paton provides no other information
169Chibbyr FeeayrRushenPaton 1942Per Paton – ‘Cold Well’.
170Chibbyr FerishBallaughPaton 1942Paton provides no other information.
171Chibbyr GlassBallaughPaton 1942Paton provides no other information
172Chibbyr KarranRushenPaton 1942Paton provides no other information
173Chibbyr KarrinLezayrePaton 1942Paton provides no other information
174Chibbyr Keeilley Lezayre Paton 1942 Paton provides no other information
174 Chibbyr Keeilley Patrick
Paton 1942Paton provides no other information
175Chibbyr LattaigMaugholdPaton 1942Per Paton – who attaches a date to this entry of 1783.
176Chibbyr LheiyBallaughPaton 1942Per Paton – ‘Calf Well’.
177Chibbyr LhiondaigRushenPaton 1942Paton provides no other information
178Chibbyr NiglusPatrickPaton 1942Paton provides no other information
179Chibbyr PharickBridePaton 1942Paton provides no other information
180Chibbyr ny MeilleyLonanPaton 1942Paton provides no other information
181Chibbyr SkoijLonanPaton 1942Per Paton – who attaches a date to this entry of 1703.
182Chibbyr SlayntLezayrePaton 1942Per Paton – ‘Health Well’. He states this is known to be a sacred well.
183Chibbyr TushtaghAndreasPaton 1942Per Paton – who states this is known to be a sacred well.
184Chibbyr UnjinBraddaPaton 1942Per Paton – ‘Ash Tree Well’.
185St Jacob’s WellGrey Tower, Ballasallaimuseum.imCatalogue entry, May 1938, Letter re: the Holy Well of St Jacob, findings when cleaned out and use of the well.
186Chibbyr Vreesheynear Keeill Vreeshey, Crosbymanxkeeills.blogPer – (St) Bridget’s Well. It was reportedly in a field below the keeil.
187Ballakinnag WellBallakinnag, Ballaughimuseum.imRecorded as a stepped well.
188Old Well(?)Tromode, DouglasimuseumThe imuseum records the wording on the sketch as ‘old well’ but it looks more like ‘old mill’
189WellAt the side of footpath below Ballaglass Glen car parkSubmitted by Katie Newton
190Ridey-didey’s WellNear the Braaid on a slopeManx Folk-life Survey; Submitted by Katie Newton
191WellWindsor Terrace, DouglasManx Folk-life Survey; Submitted by Katie Newton
192Esther Garrett’s WellCronk-y-VoddyHealing well. BMW to check book.
193Kermode Well 1CastletownMentioned by PMC Kermode in his papers and submitted by Katie NewtonBMW to check and identify which one is referred to.
194WellPark LlewellynSubmitted by Katie NewtonDomestic well.
195WellInjebreck, on unnamed farmSubmitted by Katie NewtonPossibly a domestic well
196Ballaskella WellBallaskella, SulbySubmitted by Katie NewtonDomestic well.
197WellBallagyr Road, PatrickSubmitted by Katie NewtonRoadside well.
198Scotchie’s WellLower FoxdaleimuseumArticle on Antiquarians’ Visit from Mona’s Herald, 3 Sep 1957: Formerly supplied Lower Foxdale with drinking water is still preserved.
199Billy McLean’s WellAt Billy McLean’s house, rear of Waggett’s Yard, Church Street, RamseyimuseumThe well was discovered in 1960.
200PumpCastletownimuseumCatalogue entry found on imuseum
201Village PumpAndreasimuseumCatalogue entry found on imuseum
202WellBallachurry House, RushenimuseumCatalogue entry found on imuseum, early 20th century: Looking down into the well at the back of the house.
Per IOM Wells – well is not marked on first OS but there is a dam and sluice shown.
203WellUnknown locationimuseumCatalogue entry found on imuseum, late 19th century: Two boys drawing water from well.
204Chibbyr PherickThe well is below Corrin’s Folly/Tower, Peel Hill, PatrickCashen 1912Per Cashen – a holy and healing well.
Per IOM Wells – now neglected
205WellOn the track from Ballaugh Glen to Glen DhooSubmitted by Brian BeattiePhotograph held
206Wishing WellLoch Promenade, DouglasimuseumInformation from various newspaper articles. Well was offically handed over to the people of Douglas in May 1957.
207The Monks’ WellSilverdale Glen, Ballasallaimuseum‘Discovered’ in 1902 after disuse and neglect. Today it is regularly visited. Public access.
208Chibbyr AspickPeel Castle, PeelimuseumManx Sun newspaper article 1874
209Laxey WellsLaxey districtimuseum1902 public inquiry re: provision for the disposal of sewage; supply of water for domestic purposes and discussion on the condition of some Laxey district wells.
210Brick-lined WellHanover Street/Lord Street, DouglasimuseumCatalogue entry found on imuseum; possibly an 18th century well discovered during sewage works in 1953