Chibbyr Folta/Volta (46) – Port Erin


Chibber Folta or Volta, Port Erin.

The name of the place from Maddrell’s house to the Eagle Hotel was Magher Folta. The well in it is Chibbyr Folta, and the Lower Folta is towards the station. At Creg Folta is the Gutter Folta. This name belongs to the land bordering the Spaldrick road as far as the first hill. Creg y Folta is where the lighthouse stands, and was the only place North of the harbour where the fishermen could tie up their boats. Here stood Chibbyr Folta above the lighthouse, and from it ran the Gutter Folta (Gaelic falltach, a cliffy place). The name is almost forgotten now, some thirty years after Roeder wrote.

It is now covered and piped.


W Walter Gill, A Manx Scrapbook (1929), Coast Names of Rushen.
Note: Charles Roeder (d.1911) supplied the above information


Exact location unknown.


The well no longer exists.


NLS OS 6″ Sheet XV Surveyed: 1868 Published: 1870


If you have any information on this well please contact me and quote well record number (46) as this will help identify which well you are referring too.