Well, Goldies Loughan (226) – Jurby East


Well, Goldies Loughan, Jurby East.

It was lovely to receive an invitation to visit this well as I have seen a photograph of it on the imusem with old Mrs Teare standing next to it in 1897.

Comparing the old photograph with today, the plaque is still on the front of the cottage and reads ‘Built by T Teare, 1854’ and the stile and big iron nail from which the jacket is hanging also remain.  It must have been very convenient for Mrs Teare to have her water source so close to home!

Mrs Teare was one of the singers from whom Dr. Clague and his associates recorded folk-songs.1

The well itself has undergone some restoration and the construction appears solid.

Lovely to see all of these and thank you to the owner for the invitation to visit and learn some history of the property.


1) imuseum.im


Photograph of Mrs Teare is by Frederick Stubbs courtesy of the imuseum.im; all other photographs by Ber Weyde.


The well is in the front garden of the main house at Goldies Loughan.


Private property, strictly no access without permission.  It can, however, been seen from the road.


NLS OS 25″ Isle of Man II.15 Surveyed: ca. 1866 to 1869, Published: ca. 1870.  The well pump is indicated on the map with the letter ‘P’.

What3Words: towel.drab.snowing.  Toggle to satellite view by clicking on globe bottom r/h corner.


If you have any information on this well please contact me and quote well record number (226) as this will help identify which well you are referring too.